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There was a fierce struggle, the Spanish could not get out of the trap; some were killed under the walls and the rest were soon speedily driven back. In 1533 it was raised to a margravate by Charles. 8 Bergen op Zoom would continue to be in English and Dutch hands repulsing further Spanish sieges and attacks over the next forty years most notably during the siege in 1622 in which English troops also played a significant part. 11 Morgan arrived back from England and found that the Parma had surrounded the place but Willougby was able to act. 3 The commanders themselves narrowly escaped drowning in the retreat across the river owing to the sudden rise of the waters. The Count of Mansfeld also captured the small town of Wachtendonck in Guelderland at the siege of which the bomb shell was first used having been invented shortly before by an artisan of Venlo.

The Painted Closet of Lady Anne Bacon Drury. 68-69 a b c d Markham pp 126-30 a b c d e f g Motley. Maurice of Orange soon after arrived and forced the sexdate fijnaart Duke of Parma to retreat, thus ending the siege. 17 The Spanish army then mutinied for pay; the war chest was empty for the money which was to have been replenished had been lost in the galleons of the Armada and the capture by the English of the canal boat from Antwerp. Count Mansfelt, the, prince of Ascoli, and the Duke of Pastrana, in advance to attempt the capture of the island of Tholen. 15 With the arrival of the relief force the Spanish position was now completely untenable. Several were made from September 23 with success and forced the Spanish to flee from their entrenchments having lost a great deal of supplies, prisoners and equipment. Gertrudes Church dating originally from the 14th century but much restored; and the Markiezenhof (Court of the Marquis, 14851520).