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from the middle of May and ends at the end of September. Besides, it is worth to visit the Russian church, Alexander Battenberg square, the flea market and antique shops, wonderful cafes near the Crystal Square, parks near Alexander Nevsky Square. For summer holidays lovers in nature there is the.

The thermal and cold mineral springs of Sofia have been known since the old times, and the surroundings of the capital amaze with their beauty. The most important sights of the capital: the Rotunda of the orge Church, the Church. Precipitation falls most in the spring. Other interesting sights tourists like to visit are the.

Sexdate bulgaria sofia
sexdate bulgaria sofia

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The statue in our live broadcast combines two principles: the Orthodox concept of holy wisdom, God's blessing (the laurel crown in the right hand) and the image of the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom - Athena (an owl on the left shoulder). Sofia also has a very beautiful nature and lots of cultural activities. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Boyana Church, included in the. Winter is frosty, and summers are hot. Watch another nice, baltic Live Cam live stream from Bulgaria, urdoviza beach in the city. Climate, the climate in Sofia is moderately continental with high humidity. Sofia is rich in historical buildings dating from the times of the Thracian, Roman, Bulgarian and Ottoman era, combinated with modern buildings. The collection of the International Fund. This monument was installed in 2000. Unesco, world Heritage List as an example of the architecture of the Middle Ages with uniquely painted walls. Weather forecast in Sofia for 7 days is available on our website online. Sofia, magnificent Sofia - the capital.